Why Study Electrical Engineering?

Other than conventional Electrical Engineering jobs like power generation, distribution, transmission, manufacturing and utilization sectors, Electrical engineers are well positioned to address a variety of the crucial engineering issues facing societies today.

They cover wide variety of applications:

Energy: efficient lighting, buildings, computing, and communications; solar cells; low power devices and circuits; energy harvesting from the environment; smart power grids;

Information: security; communications; networks; machine learning;

Health: informatics; medical imaging, sensing, and diagnosis; brain imaging;

Biomedical Engineering, Communication and Signal Processing, Control Engineering, Electromagnetic's, Electronics and Microelectronics, Power Systems, Optical Engineering, Energy engineering, VHDL, VLSI, robotics etc.,

The discipline of electrical engineering is grounded in the sciences and in mathematics. If you enjoy these subjects, then you will find electrical engineering a fascinating and rewarding field of study with many opportunities to solve key engineering problems.  

Here are the lists of core companies to offer Electrical jobs in India