Why ECE?

The Department of ELECTRONICS&COMMUNICATION ENGINEERING was established in the year 2002. The department offers a four year degree (B.Tech) program in ELECTRONICS&COMMUNICATION ENGINEERING with an annual intake of 120 students with 10% lateral entry intake. And also M.Tech(Electronics).

The department has highly qualified and very experienced faculty with a minimum qualification of M.Tech. Among all the faculty, THREE faculty members are Ph.D holders and Six faculty members pursuing PhD from different Universities.

Our students are well placed in various companies like IBM, COGNIGENT, INFOSYS, DELL, VIRTUSA, INFOSYS, HCL, TCS, CARITOR, MAHINDRA SATYAM, WIPRO, GE Capital Bangalore etc., and has achieved good results in the various competitive examinations like CIVILS, GATE, GRE, TOEFEL, CAT etc.,.

From ECE branch 2003-2007 batch B.S.YESUBABU

             Is selected  IAS topper.

http://www.iaspassion.com/1796-ias-topper- BHUSARAPU_SATYA_YESUBABU.aspx



In the contest of wide spreading technologies ruling every aspect in our daily life engineering takes its own role and path in making things more user friendly and economical. An engineer just plans and design the good .but successful engineer creates a value for the product and make it much innovative.

Engineering is the science, skill, and profession of acquiring and applying scientific, economic, social, and practical knowledge, in order to design and also build structures, machines, devices, systems, materials and processes.

If we just look into our daily activities from  morning when you woke up and till when we go to bed at night .we just make our things happen easily in our daily routine with help of electronics ,it find its application everywhere like education, industries, medical , defense, research and developments

Communication also had its role in making people connect together though they are at the different parts of the world. today cellular mobiles have become one of our eminent body parts

Computer communication made the possibility of internet(data communication),the mobile communications   had undergone various evolutions from 1G,2G,3G and 4G………..

The people certified with this course can even  get diversified to software side finding their careers as software program developers and software engineers

The communication finds its application in defense, entertainment, education and various many other fields.

Future scope for electronics and communication: The developments of various fields like nanotechnology, robotics, high speed automated processors in embedded systems and image processors provides a budding engineers wide range of opportunities.

Career in field of electronics and communication there are many types of job classification for which a person with training in electronics technology may qualify. A few of the most common job functions are discussed briefly in the following paragraphs.

Scientists and Engineers: Personnel in this category are involved in designing, prototyping and testing electronic and electromechanical system in research and development laboratories during the development phase of the product.

Industrial Manufacturing Engineers: Manufacturing personnel are involved in testing of electronic products at the assembly-line level or in the mainline and trouble shooting of electronic and electromechanically system used in testing and manufacturing of products. Virtually every type of manufacturing plant, regardless of its product, uses automated equipment that is electronically controlled.

Technical Sales and Marketing: Technically trained people are in demand as sales and marketing representatives for high ethnology products. The ability both to understand technical concepts and to communicative the technical aspects of the product to a potential customer is very voluble. In this area, as in technical writing, competency in expressing yourself orally and in writing is essential. Actually, being able to communicate well is very important in any technical job category because you must be able to record data clearly and explain procedures, conclusions and actions taken so that others can readily understand what you doing.

Technical Writers: These personal compile technical information and then use the information to write and produce manuals and audiovisual materials. A broad knowledge of a particular system and the ability to clearly explain its principles and operation are essential.

Besides the, the diploma engineering people can find job as a customer support officers, laboratory technician, field service technician, service-shop technician, Engineering assistant and many more.

In communication side as well there are chances like JTO’s(junior telecom officers),BSNL, private communication channels, etc

Other than conventional Communication Engineering jobs like, communication networking, the rapit development of Image processing, wireless communication, manufacturing and utilization sectors, EC engineers are well positioned to address a variety of the crucial engineering issues facing societies today.

They cover wide variety of applications:

Computing, and communications; solar cells; low power devices and circuits; energy harvesting from the environment;

Information: security; communications; networks; machine learning;

Health: informatics; medical imaging, sensing, and diagnosis; brain imaging;

Biomedical Engineering, Communication and Signal Processing, Control Engineering, Electromagnetic's, Electronics and Microelectronics, Power Systems, Optical Engineering, Energy engineering, VHDL, VLSI, robotics etc.,

The discipline of electrical engineering is grounded in the sciences and in mathematics. If you enjoy these subjects, then you will find electrical engineering a fascinating and rewarding field of study with many opportunities to solve key engineering problems.  

Here are the lists of core companies to offer Electronics and Communication engineering jobs in India

Lists of core companies to offer Electronics and Communication Engineering jobs in India

Consultancy (Electronics and Communication Engineering)

Measurements & Instrumentation

Green Energy Companies in India

Top core companies in India to offer ECE jobs

Exclusive Government jobs for Electronics and Communication Engineering


Thus by looking in to all the above information mentioned

We can obtain clear idea about the branch