Tips on Campus Recruitment:

Being able to attend the interview the interview through Campus recruitment presents a unique opportunity that not everyone has chance to experience. Most of the Organizations adopt following standards for Recruitment process.

Resume preparation: The purpose of Resume is to disclose their accomplishments and qualification

to organizations. Their strategy should be to emphasize the experience and skills that a particular

organization is looking for.

Pre-Placement Talk: This is a presentation or talk that the organization would give at a college to

introduce organization and jobs they are offering to the students.

Written Test: This consists of       (a) Aptitude Skill Test

(b) Computer Programming Test

(c) Core Subject Knowledge Test

Group Discussions: It is a structured / unstructured discussion amongst applicants on a relevant


Technical and Final Interview: It will be a panel interview and focus should be competency based

interviewing & validation of functional & technical skills.

Decision to hire should be made in this interview.